The ex-wife of the prince of the Song José José, the actress Anel Noreña revealed during the morning program “Hoy” what her last wish was to put on record before the public, before I lose my life and nobody knows what it was that he wanted.

Since the interpreter of “The Ship of Forgetfulness” He left us a year ago and a strong controversy began between the ex-wife and the widow because he did not want to bring the singer’s remains to Mexico.

Since then Anel has earned the love of the mexican public defending what rightfully belonged to the prince of the song. for he had asked to be buried next to his mother.

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“If I die, I would like my ashes to be in the same box as José José’s and I will stay with him for life, that makes me very excited to be in one bag, he in another and the bones from my mother-in-law in the middle, ”shared Anel.

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For months he began to doubt whether the remains that his sister Sarita and his mother and widow of José José Sara had indeed delivered the ashes of the interpreter of “The sad”, it seems that it is a never ending theme.

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Maybe for some people it is already a topic quite exhausting But for the deceased singer’s family, they may want to know how things really happened and if the remains that rest near his mother’s grave are indeed those of José José.

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And is that also several users of social networks continue to attack the younger sister of José Roel and Marysol, recently Sarita Announced that she was organizing a tribute to her late father, however, strong comments pointed her out as a hypocrite and a witch.

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